1. Online Access
    If you have internet access and would like to finish the paperwork Online, Then simply download application from and fill out the application and email to The paperwork can be completed in minutes. Approval will come within few hours.
  2.  Phone Access:
    Our telephone access is very easy. Clients can call us from anywhere to our toll-free number 1-647-892-2004 and contact us. If we are busy, please leave us a voicemail and we shall call back within few minutes during working hour. After speaking to you and conducting a brief interview to answer all your questions and clarifications, we will send you an application by text message. You can fill it out and email to
  3. Direct face/face contact:
    Our office is at:100 King Street West, Suite 5700, Toronto ON. M5X 1C7; We are available during normal working hours or by appointments. In case you are not available face/face, we can conduct a video interview to answer all questions over Skype or any other platform of your choice.

Based on the application, we choose a lender that best fits your needs and who will provide you with best rates and terms of credits.  After you application is in and the minimum paper work required, we can provide you with a funding approval terms within a few hours.

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I/We consent to EasyTruckLoans and the loan lenders to do a credit check and find out the creditworthiness and similar history from Equifax or Transunion or any similar bonafide institutions.
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