About Financing of Equipment in Canada

Canada’s equipment financing industry finances billions of dollars’ worth of equipment along with capital expenditures each year. This industry is a huge driver in the economy of the country. Business owners are for the very first time getting increasingly confident on account of this. 50% of individuals who participated in a recent survey in the US (and we are of the view that it’s the same in Canada) were of the view that the overall business atmosphere will tend to move in the upward direction.

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Auto Financing in Canada

In case of auto financing, there are various determinants that impact the rates you receive. These are credit rating, duration of the loan, type of vehicle and down payment. By carrying out some amount of analysis, you can get a lot of information as you look around for the options of financing. Vehicle financing here is based on an interest-loan that is fixed. Hence, you need to pay the same quantity of finance charges irrespective of whether you pay it early or furnish regular payments.

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